Jamboree Kids Sports Leagues

Kids Sports Leagues Central Coast


Jamboree Definition: /ˌdʒambəˈriː/ noun “a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one.”

We believe sports should be fun, for kids too. Jamboree Sports is launching in Central Coast with an important mission to make kids’ sports, easy, organised, and epically fun. 

  • We cater for four (4) different age groups from 6-16 years old. 
  • Our leagues offer referees who coach and care.
  • We always play music at our leagues to make it more fun!
  • We specialize in running mixed leagues for kids to thrive together.
  • All registrations are paid upfront for 10-week seasons, aligned with the school term. (No weekly payments)
  • Individual registration means no more organising payment for the whole team.
  • Schedules are released at the beginning of the season and rarely change.
  • No expensive uniforms or kits. 
  • For younger kids, we offer Multisport so they can discover the sport they love by trying lots of sports. 
  • Choose from Friday night, Sunday and after school leagues. (No more Saturday morning chaos.)
  • Leagues run all year round, no matter the season. 

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