Urban Rec is on a mission to change the way Central Coast plays sport

June 13, 2024 - one month ago

If you are reading this it means you care about sport within your community, and so do we. For a long time, there have only been 2 ways to play sport on the Coast, local clubs and indoor centres both of which (we believe) require a certain level of experience to join. 

We are a club (running in 8 other cities) with a mission to change the way Australians play sport. We offer short 10-week seasons, we have a strong passion for building respect and enjoyment within our leagues and very proud to say that we are huge on discipline and removing aggressive teams from our comps. 

We arrived at Kincumber Indoor Sports in March 2024 knowing we had a challenge ahead. Changing the culture in a centre thats been running for 20 years was never going to be easy, but change was necessary.

It seems over the last few years, indoor centres have continued to close their doors or become facilities for elite pathway use only. We fear that the opportunities for regular people to play recreational team sports are dwindling. 

As a reminder, Urban Rec is subleasing Kincumber Indoor Sports, meaning we do not have complete control of the centre or decisions, we only control the evening leagues Monday to Thursday. 

With investment from our community, we believe Kincumber can reshape into thriving, professional, and exciting sports and play destination for local adults and kids. To start this culture shift, all of our leagues will change from single-sex to open or mixed. 

  • Open means all genders can play within the league with no gender requirements or restrictions. 
  • Mixed means all genders can play within the league, with minimum gender requirements and restrictions. (usually minimum 2 females and minimum 2 males on the court). 

🍻We are partnering with local hotel Kincumber Hotel to organise end of season events and parties and encourage socialisation after the games and at the end of each 10-week season. 

πŸ“’We will be employing hosts, not referee’s, who coach and care. They are not faceless people with a whitsle, they are people within our community with a passion for sport who want to improve experience, not referee a game to the letter or the law. 

🀬We will be removing any teams that play aggressively, or cannot play in the spirit of their opposition and theur own enjoyment. We have zero tolerance for this. 

πŸ“We will be offering a diverse collection of new (and accessible) sports for everyone within the community to enjoy and try. This will include regular trial nights and free leagues for our members to get out and get active. Starting with Thursday night Pickleball. 

πŸ‘§Lastly, we plan to add junior competitions for school-age children across each weeknight, all year round under our brand Jamboree Sports. 

We understand that change is hard and often frustrating, but we know making these small tweaks over the next 12 months will result in a very exciting energy and experience for all our locals and the wider community. We also equally recognise that the way we provide and play sport is not for everyone, as such - there are plenty of other fantastic and traditional options for you to choose from on the coast. 

The below video further elaborates on who Urban Rec are and what we are trying to achieve within the sporting landscape. We invite you to join us on this journey. 

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Jun 1


June 1, 2024 - one month ago

We are looking for an organized sports enthusiast to join our team on the Central Coast. 

Urban Rec is a national social sports league and events company. Our mission is to change the way Australians play sport. With our recent launch in Central Coast, we need someone who shares our passion for sport and community. We need someone ready to challenge themselves and support us in finding and building our unique community on the coast!

The role is Monday to Thursday during the evenings. In the beginning, you will be doing a lot of refereeing and coaching while simultaneously building your team of new referees to take over. 

We need someone social and approachable but with enough authority and maturity to manage feedback and oversee a team. You should love sports, and have a basic to intermediate understanding of sports like Netball, Soccer, Volleyball etc. 


  • Refereeing league nights while we build an epic team of staff
  • Training new referees on how to run a successful night and sports rules
  • Maintaining an equipment room, replenishing with prizes, merch, and sports gear
  • Ensuring all participants have signed waivers, and are rostered
  • Ensure Staff and members are aware of Urban Rec events, discounts, perks, and policies
  • Launch season opener nights and presentation nights
  • Host activation weeks for leagues that need additional member experience’
  • Build rapport and relationships with all participants
  • Attend meeting with head office 
  • Assist in admin and marketing tasks as needed
  • Attend Clubhouses for post-game drinks (must be 18+)


  • A keen interest in sports and/or event management
  • Able to referee multiple sports as necessary
  • A confident person, who can think for themselves
  • Player agnostic, and able to handle conflict, and complaints
  • Be living on the central coast
  • Available to work evenings (start at 4 PM, but could accept 5.30PM start for the right candidate)
  • A good personal network for team building 
  • Super organized and detail-orientated
  • Competency using social media


This role is permanent part-time and perfect for a uni student or someone looking to make extra money outside of their day job. The basic hours are 4-8 PM, but we could accept a 5.30 PM start for the right candidate. There will need to be flexibility to finish later some nights. 

There is a generous hourly rate, paid monthly. (Hello savings!)


Send your CV and an email telling us why this role is perfect for you [email protected]

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$50 Off for returning teams
Mar 27

$50 Off for returning teams

March 27, 2024 - 4 months ago

Yes you read that correctly! For our first season at Kincumber Indoor Sports we’re doing a sale!

If you are currently playing in the leagues at Kincumber Indoor Sports, we are gifting you a $50 voucher off teams or $5 off individual. All you need to do is πŸ’»send us an email πŸ’»and we will send you a code to apply your discount.πŸ’°

This is a one time offer, and it ends on 10 April.

Check out all the Autumn leagues that are on offer.

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Urban Rec x Kincumber Indoor Sports Centre
Feb 19

Urban Rec x Kincumber Indoor Sports Centre

February 19, 2024 - 5 months ago

From the 26th of February Urban Rec will be running all social sport competitions at Kincumber Indoor Sports Centre. We are super excited for this new adventure we are embarking on in the Central Coast. The centre is a hub for the locals in the area and we want to continue offering the community a variety of sports with an epic experience.

What you need to know!

Your beloved Kincumber indoor sports leagues are not going anywhere! All current leagues will continue on until the end of the season, which is schedule to finish at the end of March and early April.

When will changes start?

The main changes will take effect on Mon 29 April (Term 2). The registration fees and process will be upfront and new, and the schedules will be available elsewhere. (Don’t worry, it’s easy as!) We will make sure all teams are aware of the changes and will endeavour to make the changes as smooth as possible for all players.

Want to chat to someone?

If you just want to talk to a human about junior or senior sports leagues, please call Urban Rec and Jamboree Sports at 0403 548 628. Prefer a keyboard? Email us [email protected]

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Urban Rec is coming to the Central Coast
Feb 12

Urban Rec is coming to the Central Coast

February 12, 2024 - 5 months ago

Drum roll please......

Urban Rec has landed in the Central Coast. The story is one of sweetness and wonder. If you want to know how we came to Australia, click here. But this is about the Central Coast.

Launching in the Central Coast was always the next step, with a huge amount of success in Newcastle and Maitland, we realised that recreational sports MUST take a tour slightly south to the Central Coast.

Urban Rec are different because we pride ourselves on making sports accessible to the average Joe, and Joanne. If you haven't played sport since high school, or you're a retiring sports lover whose knees can’t take it anymore, then this is your comp.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we focus on what make sports fun - getting to know your opponents, making friends, being socially active as well as physically. That’s our jam. 

There's other stuff also - there's FUN points and prizes. There's event hosts (not referees), free social events, and there's good humans behind the brand. 

Onwards to the sport. This season we are launching with 5 leagues, and we are also excited to introduce both team and individual registration in all competitions. 

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